binom: Binomial Confidence Intervals For Several Parameterizations

Constructs confidence intervals on the probability of success in a binomial experiment via several parameterizations

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AuthorSundar Dorai-Raj <>
Date of publication2014-01-02 23:11:45
MaintainerSundar Dorai-Raj <>

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binom.agresti.coull Man page
binom.asymp Man page
binom.bayes Man page
binom.bayes.densityplot Man page
binom.cloglog Man page
binom.confint Man page
binom.coverage Man page
binom.exact Man page
binom.length Man page
binom.logit Man page
binom.lrt Man page
binom.optim Man page
binom.plot Man page
binom.power Man page
binom.probit Man page
binom.profile Man page
binom.prop.test Man page
binom.sim Man page
binom.wilson Man page
cloglog.sample.size Man page
ldbinom Man page
tkbinom.power Man page
var.asymp Man page
var.cloglog Man page
var.logit Man page
var.probit Man page

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