Man pages for bioacoustics
Analyse Audio Recordings and Automatically Extract Animal Vocalizations

bioacoustics-packagebioacoustics: detect and extract automatically acoustic...
blob_detectionBlob detection of a region of interest into a spectrographic...
dot-parse.timestampInternal function
file_checksInternal function
file_type_guessInternal function
fspecGenerate spectrograms
guano_mdRead GUANO metadata in audio file
metadataExtract metadata
mp3_to_wavConvert MP3 to WAV
myotisAudio recording of myotis species from United-Kingdom
plot_zcGenerate spectrogram for Zero-Crossing files
read_audioDecode audio files
read_mp3Read MP3 files
read_wacRead WAC files from Wildlife Acoustics recorders
read_wavRead WAV files
read_zcRead Zero-Crossing files
rotate90Rotate 90° clockwise
spectroPlot a spectrogram
threshold_detectionAmplitude threshold detector above Signal to Noise Ratio...
to_dBConvert to dB
write_zcWrite Zero-Crossing files
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