Man pages for biom
An interface package (beta) for the BIOM file format.

biom-classThe biom format data class.
biom_data-methodsAccess main data observation matrix data from 'biom-class'.
biom-methodsBuild and return an instance of the biom-class.
biom-packageThis is an R package for interfacing with the biom format.
biom_shape-methodsThe matrix dimensions of a 'biom-class' object.
colnames-methodsMethod extensions to 'colnames' for 'biom-class' objects.
header-methodsExtract the header from a 'biom-class' object as a list.
matrix_element_type-methodsAccess class of data in the matrix elements of a 'biom-class'...
ncol-methodsMethod extensions to 'ncol' for 'biom-class' objects.
nrow-methodsMethod extensions to 'nrow' for 'biom-class' objects.
observation_metadata-methodsAccess observation (row) meta data from 'biom-class'.
read_biomRead a biom-format file, returning a 'biom-class'.
rownames-methodsMethod extensions to 'rownames' for 'biom-class' objects.
sample_metadata-methodsAccess meta data from 'biom-class'.
show-methodsMethod extensions to show for biom objects.
write_biomWrite a biom-format file, returning a 'biom-class'.
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