Man pages for birdring
Methods to Analyse Ring Re-Encounter Data

birdring-packageMethods to Analyse Bird Ring Reencounter data
birdstateTransformation of condition into state
circumstancesEURING-code for finding circumstances
coastEUcoordinates of the coastline of Europe
coastpaleocoordinates of the palearctic coastline
codes2namesTransforms codes of circumstances, condition, species and...
conditionsEURING-code for finding conditions
critical.check.ringing.eventChecking whether Ringing Event Exists for each Individual...
dayofyearThe day of the year
dcDivision coefficient
decimal.coorddecimal coordinates
dmvnormMultivariate Normal Density and Random Deviates - this...
draw.mapDraws a map of the palearctic region
draw.recmapPlot ringing data
lancolExample data set of EURING2000 format
loxodrom.dirloxodromic distance and direction
mdy.dateConvert to Julian Dates - this is a copy of the function...
mercatorlatgives the streching factor of the latitude to draw a mercator...
orthodrom.distorthodromic distance and direction
overlapOverlap between the prior and posterior distribution
place2nameDecode Euring place codes
placesEURING-code for finding locations
read.euring2000Reads EURING data into R
read.euring2000plusReads EURING data of the format 2000\+ into R
scheme2countryGives the country name from the scheme code
schemesEURING-code for ringing scheme
speciesEURING-code for species
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