Man pages for bit
Classes and Methods for Fast Memory-Efficient Boolean Selections

as.bitCoercing to bit
as.bitwhichCoercing to bitwhich
as.booltypeCoerce to booltype (generic)
as.character.bitCoerce bit to character
as.character.bitwhichCoerce bitwhich to character
as.riCoerce to ri
as.whichCoercion to (positive) integer positions
bbatchBalanced Batch sizes
bitCreate empty bit vector
bit_inbit %in%
bit_initInitializing bit masks
bit-packagebit: Classes and methods for fast memory-efficient boolean...
bit_rangediffbit range difference
bit_setopsbit set operations
bitsortLow-level sorting: bit sort
bit_sortbit sort
bit_sort_uniquebit sort unique
bit_unidupbit unique and duplicated
bitwhichCreate bitwhich vector (skewed boolean)
bitwhich_representationDiagnose representation of bitwhich
booltypeDiagnosing boolean types
booltypesBoolean types
c.booltypeConcatenating booltype vectors
chunkMethods for chunked range index
chunksFunction for chunked range index
cloneCloning ff and ram objects
CoercionToStandardCoercion from bit, bitwhich, which and ri to logical,...
copy_vectorCopy atomic R vector
countsortLow-level sorting: counting sort
ExtractExtract or replace part of an boolean vector
firstNAPosition of first NA
get_lengthGet C length of a vector
getsetattrAttribute setting by reference
in.bitwhichCheck existence of integers in table
intrleHybrid Index, C-coded utilities
is.booltypeTesting for boolean types for NA in bit and bitwhich
length.bitGetting and setting length of bit, bitwhich and ri objects
maxindexGet maxindex (length of boolean vector) and poslength (number...
merge_revFast functions for sorted sets of integer
MetadataGenerics related to cache access
PhysVirtPhysical and virtual attributes
print.bitPrint method for bit
print.bitwhichPrint method for bitwhich
quicksort2Low-level sorting: binary quicksort
quicksort3Low-level sorting: threeway quicksort
range_naGet range and number of NAs
range_nanozeroRemove zeros and get range and number of NAs
range_sortnaPrepare for sorting and get range, number of NAs and...
rep.booltypeReplicating bit and bitwhich vectors
repeat.timeAdaptive timer
repfromtoVirtual recycling
rev.booltypeReversing bit and bitwhich vectors
reverse_vectorReverse atomic vector
riRange index
rlepackHybrid Index, rle-pack utilities
SortingGenerics for in-RAM sorting and ordering
still.identicalTest for C-level identity of two atomic vectors
str.bitStr method for bit
str.bitwhichStr method for bitwhich
SummariesSummaries of boolean vectors
symdiffSymmetric set complement
unattrAttribute removal
vecseqVectorized Sequences
xorBoolean operators and functions
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