Man pages for bitmexr
R Client for BitMEX

available_symbolsAvailable symbols
bitmexrbitmexr: R Client for the BitMEX Exchange
bucket_tradesBucketed trade data
cancel_all_ordersCancel all orders
cancel_orderCancel order
edit_orderEdit an order
get_bitmexGET requests
map_bucket_tradesBucket trade data over an extended period
map_tradesTrade data over an extended period
place_orderPlace an order
post_bitmexPOST requests
tn_bucket_tradesBucketed trade data (testnet)
tn_cancel_all_ordersCancel all orders (testnet)
tn_cancel_orderCancel order (testnet)
tn_edit_orderEdit an order (testnet)
tn_get_bitmexGET requests (testnet)
tn_map_bucket_tradesBucket trade data over an extended period (testnet)
tn_map_tradesTrade data over an extended period (testnet)
tn_place_orderPlace an order (testnet)
tn_post_bitmexPOST requests (testnet)
tn_tradesIndividual trade data (testnet)
tradesIndividual trade data
valid_datesStart date of data availability for available symbols
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