Man pages for bizdays
Business Days Calculations and Utilities

adjust.dateAdjusts the given dates to the next/previous business day
bizdaysComputes business days between two dates.
bizdayseBusiness days and current days equivalence
bizdays.optionsbizdays' options
bizdays-packageBusiness Days Calculations and Utilities
bizdiffCompute the amount of business days between dates
bizseqCreate a sequence of business days
calendar-holidays-weekdaysCalendar's holidays and weekdays
calendar-import-exportImport and export calendars
calendar-registerCalendars register
create.calendarCreates calendars
getdateObtaining dates using other dates (or month or year) as...
holidaysANBIMAANBIMA's holidays list
is.bizdayChecks if the given dates are business days.
offsetOffsets the given 'dates' by 'n' business days
other-calendarsCalendars from other packages
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