Man pages for blackbox
Black Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space

bboptimBlack-box function optimization
blackboxBlack box optimization and response surface exploration
blackbox-internalInternal ordinary Functions
buildFONKgpointlsPrepare data for smoothing
buildPointlsRead a data file
calc1DCIsCompute 1D confidence intervals
calc1DprofilesOne and two-dimensional profiles, and surface plots
calcGCVEstimate smoothing parameters by generalized cross-validation...
calcLRTsCompute (profile) likelihood ratio tests
calcPredictorOKGenerate smoothing predictor given smoothing parameters
init_gridDefine starting points in parameter space.
islogscaleTest for parameter log scale
maximizeOKFind maximum of predicted response surface
optionsblackbox options settings
prepareDataPrepare data and controls for smoothing
preprocessbboptionsSet controls for most functiosn in the package
sampleByRespSample predictor points according to predicted response
saveOldFileSave a copy of an existing file.
writeFinalInfoPretty output, and management of output files
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