Man pages for blandr
Bland-Altman Method Comparison

bland.altman.PEFR.1986Sample PEFR comparison data from Bland-Altman (1986) preparation for method comparison analysis
blandr.dataset.fibreFunction to load D'arbela mean velocity of circumferential...
blandr.dataset.loadFunction to load example data sets
blandr.dataset.o2satsFunction to load Bland-Altman oxygen saturation dataset from...
blandr.dataset.pefrFunction to load Bland-Altman PEFR dataset from internet
blandr.dataset.sbpFunction to load Close systolic blood pressure dataset from...
blandr.display.and.drawBland-Altman display and draw for R
blandr.display.and.plot(DEPRECATED) Bland-Altman display and plot for R
blandr.drawBland-Altman drawing function for R
blandr.method.comparisonBland-Altman method comparison
blandr.output.reportBland-Altman report generator
blandr.output.textBland-Altman summary statistics display function
blandr.plot(DEPRECATED) Bland-Altman drawing function for R
blandr.plot.ggplotBland-Altman plotting function, using ggplot2
blandr.plot.limitsBland-Altman plot limits for R
blandr.plot.normalityBland-Altman histogram and density plot
blandr.plot.qqBland-Altman differences QQ plot
blandr.plot.rplotBland-Altman plotting function, using basic R drawing...
blandr.statisticsBland-Altman statistics for R
giavarina.2015Sample comparison data from Giavarina (2015)
jamoviBAanalysisBland-Altman Analysis
jamoviBAplotHistogramDifferences Histogram and Density Curve
jamoviBAplotQQDifferences Q-Q Plot
jamoviBAstatsBland-Altman Raw Statistics
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