blatr: Send Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows

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'Blat' is a feature-rich command line email tool for Windows. The blatr package is a wrapper for using 'Blat' from within R. For information about 'Blat' and its options, see, for the 'Blat' license, see


To use the blatr package, 'Blat' needs to be installed. This can be done manually, by downloading the executables from the website and place them in the blatr installation directory, i.e. in /path/to/R/library/blatr/. You can also use blatr:::install_blat to let blatr do it for you. You can always check that the needed files are placed correctly using blatr:::check_install. Note that these functions are not exported, as they are generally not needed when blatr is properly set up. The files installed by blatr:::install_blat are hosted on the blatr development page at To get started, see the documentation for blat.


Stefan Milton Bache

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