Man pages for blm
Binomial linear and linear-expit regression

aarpNested case-control data set of bladder cancer in the...
blmFit a binomial linear regression model
blm-classClass "blm"
blm-packageBinomial linear and linear-expit regression model
coefGet coefs from 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
confintConfidence intervals for parameters of 'blm' and 'lexpit'...
crude.riskRisk-exposure scatter plot
EOCompute the ratio of expected event to observed events for...
expitInverse-logit function
gofHosmer-lemeshow goodness-of-fit statistics for 'blm' and...
gof.pearsonPearson's goodness-of-fit statistics for 'blm' and 'lexpit'...
gradSimulated case-control dataset
lexpitFit a linear-expit regression model
lexpit-classClass "lexpit"
logitLogit function
loglikLog-likelihood of 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
LRTPerforms likelihood-ratio test for lexpit and BLM models of...
model.formulaGet formula call for 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
predictGet risk predictions for 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
printPrint coefficients of 'blm' and 'lexpit' model fit.
residGet residuals from 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
risk.exposure.plotRisk-exposure scatter plot
RsquaredCompute R-squared measures of model fit for 'blm' and...
showShow 'blm' and 'lexpit' model fit.
summarySummary of 'blm' and 'lexpit' model fit.
vcovGet variance-covariance from 'blm' and 'lexpit' objects.
which.constrainedCovariate patterns at the boundary for 'blm' and 'lexpit'...
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