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Bayesian Multivariate Analysis of Summary Statistics

bmassBayesian multivariate analysis of summary statistics...
bmass_SimulatedData1bmass Simulated Dataset 1
bmass_SimulatedData2bmass Simulated Dataset 2
bmass_SimulatedSigSNPsbmass Simulated GWAS SNPs
bmass_TestData1bmass Test Dataset 1
bmass_TestData2bmass Test Dataset 2
bmass_TestSigSNPsbmass Test GWAS SNPs
GetMarginalPosteriorsGet Marginal {*U*,*D*,*I*} Posteriors
GetModelPriorMatrixGet Model Prior Matrix
GetTopModelsPerSNPViaPosteriorsGet Top Multivariate Models
GlobalLipids2013.GWASsnpsGlobalLipids2013 GWAS SNPs
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