Man pages for bmixture
Bayesian Estimation for Finite Mixture of Distributions

bmixgammaSampling algorithm for mixture of gamma distributions
bmixnormSampling algorithm for mixture of Normal distributions
bmixtSampling algorithm for mixture of t-distributions
bmixture-internalInternal bmixture functions and datasets
bmixture-packageBayesian Estimation for Finite Mixture of Distributions
galaxyGalaxy data
mixgammaMixture of Gamma distribution
mixnormMixture of Normal distribution
mixtMixture of t-distribution
plot.bmixgammaPlot function for 'S3' class '"bmixgamma"'
plot.bmixnormPlot function for 'S3' class '"bmixnorm"'
plot.bmixtPlot function for 'S3' class '"bmixt"'
print.bmixgammaPrint function for 'S3' class '"bmixgamma"'
print.bmixnormPrint function for 'S3' class '"bmixnorm"'
print.bmixtPrint function for 'S3' class '"bmixt"'
rdirichletRandom generation for the Dirichlet distribution
summary.bmixgammaSummary function for 'S3' class '"bmixgamma"'
summary.bmixnormSummary function for 'S3' class '"bmixnorm"'
summary.bmixtSummary function for 'S3' class '"bmixt"'
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