Man pages for bmrm
Bundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization Package a dataset for Cross Validation taking into account...
balanced.loss.weightsCompute loss.weights so that total losses of each class is...
bhattacharyya.coefficientCompute Bhattacharyya coefficient needed for Hellinger...
binaryClassificationLossLoss functions for binary classification
costMatrixCompute or check the structure of a cost matrix
gradientReturn or set gradient attribute
hclust_fcaFind first common ancestor of 2 nodes in an hclust object
hellinger.distCompute Hellinger distance
is.convexReturn or set is.convex attribute
iterative.hclustPerform multiple hierachical clustering on random subsets of...
linearRegressionLossLoss functions to perform a regression
lpSVMLinearly Programmed SVM
lvalueReturn or set lvalue attribute
mmcConvenient wrapper function to solve max-margin clustering...
mmcLossLoss function for max-margin clustering
multivariateHingeLossThe loss function for multivariate hinge loss
nrbmConvex and non-convex risk minimization with L2...
ontologyLossOntology Loss Function
ordinalRegressionLossThe loss function for ordinal regression
predict.mmcPredict class of new instances according to a mmc model
preferenceLossThe loss function for Preference loss
print.roc.statGeneric method overlad to print object of class roc.stat
rank.linear.weightsRank linear weight of a linear model
roc.statCompute statistics for ROC curve plotting
rowmeanColumun means of a matrix based on a grouping variable
softMarginVectorLossSoft Margin Vector Loss function for multiclass SVM
softmaxLosssoftmax Loss Function
wolfe.linesearchWolfe Line Search
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