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Bayesian Multilevel Single Case Models using 'Stan'

BMSCFit Bayesian Multilevel Single Case models
BMSC_looloo and waic.
BMSC_loo_comparebmscstan wrapper for model comparison.
BMSC_pareto_k_tablebmscstan wrapper for diagnostics for Pareto smoothed...
bmscstanBayesian Multilevel Single Case models using 'Stan'
data.ctrlData from a control group of 16 participants
data.ptData from a Single Case with brachial plexious lesion
pairwise.BMSCPairwise contrasts
plot.BMSCPlot estimates from a 'BMSC' object.
plot.pairwise.BMSCPlot estimates from a 'pairwise.BMSC' object.
pp_check.BMSCPosterior predictive check for BMSC objects
print.pairwise.BMSCPrint summaries of Pairwise Bayesian Multilevel Single Case...
print.summary.BMSCPrint summaries of Bayesian Multilevel Single Case objects
random_effectsRandom Effects specification on Bayesian Multilevel Single...
summary.BMSCSummarizing Bayesian Multilevel Single Case objects
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