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Learning Discrete Bayesian Network Classifiers from Data

accuracyCompute predictive accuracy.
are_factorsChecks if all columns in a data frame are factors.
are_pdistsReturns 'TRUE' is 'x' is a valid probability distribution.
as_mlrConvert to 'mlr'.
augment_odeArcs that do not invalidate the tree-like structure
augment_ode_arcsReturns augmenting arcs that do not invalidate the ODE.
bncLearn network structure and parameters.
bnc_bnBayesian network classifier with structure and parameters.
bnc_dagBayesian network classifier structure.
bnclassifyLearn discrete Bayesian network classifiers from data.
bootstrap_ssReturn a bootstrap sub-sample.
carCar Evaluation Data Set.
check_mlr_attachedChecks if mlr attached.
cmiCompute the (conditional) mutual information between two...
cmi_tableReturns the conditional mutual information three variables.
complete_graphReturns a complete unweighted graph with the given nodes.
compute_anb_log_joint_per_classComputes the log joint probability of the observed features...
compute_cllComputes the conditional log-likelihood of the model on the...
compute_llComputes log-likelihood of the model on the provided data.
compute_wanbia_weightsCompute WANBIA weights. Computes feature weights by...
cpt_vars_valuesGet just form first dimension in their own cpt, not checking...
cvEstimate predictive accuracy with stratified cross...
direct_forestDirect an undirected graph.
direct_treeDirect an undirected graph.
extract_ctgtReturns a contingency table over the variables.
fast_equalCompares all elements in a to b
forgetForget a memoized function.
get_ancestorsBased on gRbase::ancestors()
get_but_lastReturn all but last element of x.
get_lastReturn last element of x.
get_null_safeGet i-th element of x.
grain_and_graphConvert to graph and gRain.
graph_unionMerges multiple disjoint graphs into a single one.
greedy_wrapperLearn Bayesian network classifiers in a a greedy wrapper...
identify_all_testing_depthsIdentifies all depths at which the features of a...
identify_min_testing_depthsIdentifies the lowest (closest to root) depths at which the...
inspect_bnc_bnInspect a Bayesian network classifier (with structure and...
inspect_bnc_dagInspect a Bayesian network classifier structure.
is.memoisedIs it memoized?
learn_paramsLearn the parameters of a Bayesian network structure.
learn_unprunned_treeLearns a unpruned 'rpart' recursive partition.
local_ode_score_contribReturns pairwise component of ODE (penalized) log-likelihood...
loglikCompute (penalized) log-likelihood.
log_normalizeNormalize log probabilities.
make_cllReturns a function to compute negative conditional...
make_cll_gradientReturns a function to compute the gradient of negative...
makeRLearner.bncmakeRLearner. Auxiliary mlr function.
mapAssigns instances to the most likely class.
max_weight_forestReturns the undirected augmenting forest.
memoise_charMemoise a function.
named_edge_matrixReturns an edge matrix with node names (instead of node...
nbLearn a naive Bayes network structure.
nb_dagReturns a naive Bayes structure
new_cacheMake a new cache.
order_acyclicProvide an acyclic ordering (i.e., a topological sort).
plot.bnc_dagPlot the structure.
predict.bnc_bnPredicts class labels or class posterior probability...
predictLearner.bncpredictLearner. Auxiliary mlr function.
print.bnc_dagPrint basic information about a classifier.
subset_by_colnamesSubset a 2D structure by a vector of column names.
superparent_childrenReturn nodes which can be superparents along with their...
tan_chowliuLearns a one-dependence estimator using Chow-Liu's algorithm.
trainLearner.bnctrainLearner. Auxiliary mlr function.
votingCongress Voting Data Set.
x2cpt_indsMaps observations of x to cpt indices. Replicates the indices...
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