Man pages for bnpa
Bayesian Networks & Path Analysis

check.algorithmsVerifies the BN learning algorithms
check.dichotomicVerify if the variables of a dataset are dichotomic.
check.levelsCheck if factor need to be converted in numeric.
check.naVerify variables with NA.
check.packageCheck and install packages if necessary.
check.package.filesKeep a list os packages necessary to bnpa.
check.typesVerify types of variable.
check.type.scoreReturn the type of score needed to be used with Bayesian... int data into numeric data.
create.subdatasetsCreates sub datasets.
dataQualiNA qualitative dataset to test functions
dataQuantCA quantitative dataset to test functions the Bayesian Network and Path Analysis the Bayesian Network Parameters from a Bayesian Network... the Bayesian Network structure from data
gera.paGenerates a model as input to execute a Path Analysis (PA).
mount.graphMounts a Bayesian Network graph with graphviz function a white or black list
outcome.predictor.varBuilds a black list to predictor
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