Man pages for boclust
A Clustering Method Based on Boosting on Single Attributes

AssignLeftClustAssign the left points
bo.simu.dataA data of 300 cells and 200 genes.
BossaClustBossa Clustering
bossa_interactiveOpens 'BOSSA' results in an interactive session in a web...
BossaSimiBossa Similarity
ClustMergeClust Merge
ClustShareCalculate the share matrix among overlap clusters.
FindBefDeFind DE from original overlap clusters
FindHcDeFind DE from HC with recommended k
FindOverlapDeFind DE from Overlap clusters
KeyFeatureDetermine key features of each overlap clusters.
OrderClustReindex cluster labels in ascending order
OverlapClustOverlap Clustering
OverlapMeltPrepare the data for visualization
TestMergeClustDo a test before merging two overlap clusters.
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