Man pages for boolean3
Boolean Binary Response Models

boolbootBootstrap for Boolean Models
booleanFit a Boolean Model
boolean3-packageModeling Causal Complexity
boolean-classBoolean Model Class
boolfit-classA boolfit class
boolprepSpecify Boolean Model
boolprobCalculate predicted probabilities
boolprob-classA boolprob class
boolprofCalculate estimated likelihood-profiles.
boolprof-classA boolprof class
boolsum-classA boolsum class
coef.booleanReturn the model estimates.
logLik.booleanReturn the log-likelihood for a boolean model.
model.matrix.booleanModel Matrix from boolean object
nobs.booleanExtract the Number of Observations from a Fit.
plot.boolprobProfile Predicted Probability Plot
plot.boolprofProfile Likelihood Plot
predict.booleanPredicted Probabilities
print.boolbootPrint Bootstrap Results for Boolean Object
print.booleanPrint a brief summary of a boolean model fit.
print.boolprobDefault print method for boolprob objects.
print.boolprofDefault print method for boolprof objects.
print.boolsumPrint summary of boolean model as described in 'boolsum'...
summary.boolbootPrint Bootstrap Results for Boolean Object
summary.booleanCreate a summary object from a boolean estimate.
vcov.booleanVariance-Covariance Matrix for Boolean Model
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