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Compute Bootstrap p-values


Compute bootstrap p-values through confidence interval inversion, as described in Hall (1992) and Thulin (2021).


boot.pval(boot_res, type = "perc", theta_null = 0, pval_precision = NULL, ...)



An object of class "boot" containing the output of a bootstrap calculation.


A vector of character strings representing the type of interval to base the test on. The value should be one of "norm", "basic", "stud", "perc" (the default), and "bca".


The value of the parameter under the null hypothesis.


The desired precision for the p-value. The default is 1/R, where R is the number of bootstrap samples in boot_res.


Additional arguments passed to


p-values can be computed by inverting the corresponding confidence intervals, as described in Section 12.2 of Thulin (2021) and Section 3.12 in Hall (1992). This function computes p-values in this way from "boot" objects. The approach relies on the fact that:

  • the p-value of the two-sided test for the parameter theta is the smallest alpha such that theta is not contained in the corresponding 1-alpha confidence interval,

  • for a test of the parameter theta with significance level alpha, the set of values of theta that aren't rejected by the two-sided test (when used as the null hypothesis) is a 1-alpha confidence interval for theta.


A bootstrap p-value.







# Hypothesis test for the city data
# H0: ratio = 1.4
ratio <- function(d, w) sum(d$x * w)/sum(d$u * w)
city.boot <- boot(city, ratio, R = 99, stype = "w", sim = "ordinary")
boot.pval(city.boot, theta_null = 1.4)

# Studentized test for the two sample difference of means problem
# using the final two series of the gravity data.
diff.means <- function(d, f)
  n <- nrow(d)
  gp1 <- 1:table(as.numeric(d$series))[1]
  m1 <- sum(d[gp1,1] * f[gp1])/sum(f[gp1])
  m2 <- sum(d[-gp1,1] * f[-gp1])/sum(f[-gp1])
  ss1 <- sum(d[gp1,1]^2 * f[gp1]) - (m1 *  m1 * sum(f[gp1]))
  ss2 <- sum(d[-gp1,1]^2 * f[-gp1]) - (m2 *  m2 * sum(f[-gp1]))
  c(m1 - m2, (ss1 + ss2)/(sum(f) - 2))
grav1 <- gravity[as.numeric(gravity[,2]) >= 7, ]
grav1.boot <- boot(grav1, diff.means, R = 99, stype = "f",
                   strata = grav1[ ,2])
boot.pval(grav1.boot, type = "stud", theta_null = 0)

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