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This function computes the jackknife estimator of the standard error of the estimator of the probability of ruin given observed claims.


rpjack(x, ...)



A vector or a matrix of numeric data.


Further options that are passed on to ruinprob.


If x is a vector of observed claims, for each element of x the probability of ruin is estimated with said element of x left out. The resulting vector of ruin probabilities has the same length as x, and its standard error, properly rescaled, is used to approximate the standard error of the estimator of the probability of ruin of x.

This procedure is applied column-wise if x is a matrix.


A numeric vector of length ncol(as.matrix(x)).


The calculation of the jackknife standard error can be computationally intensive. In most cases the computation time can be drastically reduced at the price of a slightly lower accuracy, viz. a higher value for the interval argument of ruinprob.


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