Man pages for bootstrap
Functions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"

abcnonNonparametric ABC Confidence Limits
abcparParametric ABC Confidence Limits
bcanonNonparametric BCa Confidence Limits
bootpredBootstrap Estimates of Prediction Error
bootstrapNon-Parametric Bootstrapping
boottBootstrap-t Confidence Limits
cellCell Survival data
cholostThe Cholostyramine Data
crossvalK-fold Cross-Validation
diabetesBlood Measurements on 43 Diabetic Children
hormoneHormone Data from page 107
internalInternal functions of package bootstrap
jackknifeJackknife Estimation
lawLaw school data from Efron and Tibshirani
law82Data for Universe of USA Law Schools
lutenhormLuteinizing Hormone
mouse.cExperiments with mouse
mouse.tExperiment with mouse
patchThe Patch Data
RainfallRainfall Data
scorOpen/Closed Book Examination Data
spatialSpatial Test Data
stampData on Thickness of Stamps
toothTooth Strength Data
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