Man pages for boral
Bayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis

about.distributionsDistributions available in boral
about.lvsCorrelation structure for latent variables
about.ssvsStochastic search variable selection (SSVS) in boral
about.traitsIncluding species traits in boral
boralFitting boral (Bayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis)...
boral-packageBayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis (boral)
calc.condlogLikConditional log-likelihood for a boral model
calc.logLik.lv0Log-likelihood for a boral model with no latent variables
calc.marglogLikMarginal log-likelihood for an boral model
calc.varpartVariance partitioning for a boral model
coefsplotCaterpillar plots of the regression coefficients from a boral...
create.lifeSimulate a Multivariate Response Matrix
ds.residualsDunn-Smyth Residuals for a boral model
fitted.boralExtract Model Fitted Values for an boral object
get.dicExtract Deviance Information Criterion for boral model
get.enviro.corExtract covariances and correlations due to shared...
get.hpdintervalsHighest posterior density intervals for an boral model
get.mcmcsamplesExtract MCMC samples from boral models
get.measuresInformation Criteria for boral models
get.more.measuresAdditional Information Criteria for boral models
get.residual.corExtract residual correlations and precisions from boral...
lvsplotPlot the latent variables from an boral model
make.jagsboralmodelWrite a text file containing an boral model for use into JAGS
make.jagsboralnullmodelWrite a text file containing an boral model for use into JAGS
plot.boralPlots of a fitted boral object
predict.boralPredict using a boral model
summary.boralSummary of fitted boral object
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