Man pages for botor
'AWS Python SDK' ('boto3') for R

base64_decBase64-decode a string into raw bytes using Python's base64...
base64_encBase64-encode raw bytes using Python's base64 module
boto3Raw access to the boto3 module imported at package load time
boto3_versionboto3 version
botorThe default, fork-safe Boto3 session
botor_clientCreates an initial or reinitialize an already existing AWS...
botor_sessionInternal boto3 session
botor_session_pidLook up the PID used to initialize the Boto3 session
botor_session_uuidLook up the UUID of the initialized Boto3 session
check_s3_uriCheck if an argument looks like an S3 bucket
clientsboto3 clients cache
coerce_bytes_literals_to_stringTransforms a python2 string literal or python3 bytes literal...
iamThe default, fork-safe IAM client on the top of 'botor'
iam_get_userRetrieves information about the specified IAM user, including...
iam_whoamiGet the current AWS username
kinesisThe default, fork-safe Kinesis client on the top of 'botor'
kinesis_describe_streamDescribes the specified Kinesis data stream
kinesis_get_recordsGets data records from a Kinesis data stream's shard
kinesis_get_shard_iteratorGets an Amazon Kinesis shard iterator
kinesis_put_recordWrites a single data record into an Amazon Kinesis data...
kmsThe default, fork-safe KMS client on the top of 'botor'
kms_decryptDecrypt cipher into plain text via KMS
kms_decrypt_fileDecrypt file via KMS
kms_encryptEncrypt plain text via KMS
kms_encrypt_fileEncrypt file via KMS
kms_generate_data_keyGenerate a data encryption key for envelope encryption via...
mime_guessGuess the type of a file based on the filename using...
require_python_builtinsImports and caches a Python module
require_python_moduleImports and caches a Python module
s3The default, fork-safe Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)...
s3_copyCopy an object from one S3 location to another
s3_deleteDelete an object stored in S3
s3_download_fileDownload a file from S3
s3_existsChecks if an object exists in S3
s3_list_bucketsList all S3 buckets
s3_lsList objects at an S3 path
s3_objectCreate an S3 Object reference from an URI
s3_put_object_taggingSets tags on s3 object overwriting all existing tags. Note:...
s3_readDownload and read a file from S3, then clean up
s3_split_uriSplit the bucket name and object key from the S3 URI
s3_upload_fileUpload a file to S3
s3_writeWrite an R object into S3
ssmThe default, fork-safe AWS Systems Manager (SSM) client on...
ssm_get_parameterRead AWS System Manager's Parameter Store
sts_whoamiReturns details about the IAM user or role whose credentials...
trypyExtract error message from a Python exception
uuidGenerate UUID using Python's uuid module
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