Man pages for box.linters
Linters for 'box' Modules

box_alphabetical_calls_linter'box' library alphabetical module and function imports linter
box_default_lintersBox-compatible default linters
box_func_import_count_linter'box' library function import count linter
box_mod_fun_exists_linter'box' library attached function exists and exported by called...
box_module_base_pathFind 'box::use' calls for local modules
box_package_base_pathFind 'box::use' calls for R libraries/packages
box_pkg_fun_exists_linter'box' library attached function exists and exported by...
box_separate_calls_linter'box' library separate packages and module imports linter
box_trailing_commas_linter'box' library trailing commas linter
box_universal_import_linter'box' library universal import linter
box_unused_attached_mod_linter'box' library unused attached module linter
box_unused_attached_pkg_linter'box' library unused attached package linter
box_unused_att_mod_obj_linter'box' library unused attached module object linter
box_unused_att_pkg_fun_linter'box' library unused attached package function linter
box_usage_linter'box' library-aware object usage linter
check_attached_mod_funsCheck if functions being attached exist and are being...
check_attached_pkg_funsCheck if functions being attached exist and are being...
extract_xml_and_textExtracts XML nodes and text strings matched by XML search
get_attached_mod_functionsGet imported functions from modules
get_attached_mod_three_dotsGet all functions exported from modules by ...
get_attached_modulesGet all modules imported whole
get_attached_packagesGet all packages imported whole
get_attached_pkg_functionsGet imported functions from packages
get_attached_pkg_three_dotsGet all functions exported from packages by ...
get_box_module_exportsGet a list of functions and data objects exported by a local...
get_declared_functionsGet locally declared/defined functions
get_declared_objectsGet locally declared/defined data objects
get_function_callsGet functions called in current source file
get_function_signature_objsGet objects names in function signatures from all functions...
get_module_exportsGet functions exported by modules
get_object_callsGet objects called in current source file
get_objects_in_stringsGet objects used in 'glue' string templates
get_packages_exportsGet functions exported by packages
get_r6_componentsGet declared/defined R6 class components
make_r6_components_xpathXPath to get internal components of an R6 class
make_r6_internal_calls_xpathXPath to get internal function or data object calls inside an...
r6_usage_linterR6 class usage linter
rhino_default_lintersRhino default linters
unused_declared_object_linterUnused declared function and data objects linter
use_box_lintrUse lintr with box.linters in your project
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