Man pages for breathtestcore
Core Functions to Read and Fit 13c Time Series from Breath Tests

AIC.breathtestnlmefitS3 AIC method for breathtestnlmefit
augment.breathtestfitAugmented prediction for breathtest fit
breathtest_dataData structure with PDR data and descriptors for breath test...
breathtest_read_functionSnoop method to read breath test file
btcore_filePath to example breath test data file
cleanup_dataTransforms 13C breath data into a clean format for fitting
coef.breathtestfitS3 coef and summary for breathtestfit
coef_by_groupTabulates per-group breath test parameters
coef_diff_by_groupTabulates breath test parameter differences of groups
cum_exp_betaCumulative exponential beta function
dob_to_pdrConvert breath test DOB data to PDR data
exp_betaExponential beta function for 13C breath data
extract_idExtracts an ID from string IRIS CSV file
nlme_fitMixed-model nlme fit to 13C Breath Data
nls_fitIndividual curve fit with nls to 13C breath test data
null_fitConvert data to class breathtestfit
plot.breathtestfitS3 plot method for breathtestfit
read_any_breathtestRead breathtest files of any format
read_breathidRead BreathID file
read_breathid_xmlRead new BreathID/Examens XML file
read_breathtest_excelReads breathtest data in Excel format
read_irisRead 13C data from IRIS/Wagner Analysen
read_iris_csvRead 13C data from IRIS/Wagner Analysen in CSV Format
sigma.breathtestnlmefitS3 method to extract the fit's residual standard deviation
simulate_breathtest_dataSimulate 13C breath time series data
subsample_dataDecimate densely sampled 13C time series
t50_bluck_cowardBluck-Coward self-corrected half-emptying time
t50_maes_ghoosHalf-emptying time by Maes/Ghoos method
t50_maes_ghoos_scintigraphyHalf-emptying time t50 from Maes/Ghoos fit with scintigraphic...
tidy.breathtestfitBroom-style tidying methods for breathtestfit
tlag_bluck_cowardLag phase for Bluck-Coward self-correcting fit
tlag_maes_ghoosSo-called lag time from Maes/Ghoos fit
usz_13cZurich sample set of 13C breath test data
usz_13c_aExotic 13C breath test data
usz_13c_d13C breath test data with MRI emptying for comparison
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