Man pages for brglm
Bias Reduction in Binomial-Response Generalized Linear Models

brglmBias reduction in Binomial-response GLMs
brglm.controlAuxiliary for Controlling BRGLM Fitting
confint.brglmComputes confidence intervals of parameters for bias-reduced...
gethatsCalculates the Leverages for a GLM through a C Routine
glm.control1Auxiliary for Controlling BRGLM Fitting
lizardsHabitat Preferences of Lizards
modificationsAdditive Modifications to the Binomial Responses and Totals...
plot.profile.brglmPlot methods for 'profile.brglm' objects
profile.brglmCalculate profiles for objects of class 'brglm'.
profileObjectivesObjectives to be profiled
separation.detectionSeparation Identification.
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