Man pages for brokenstick
Broken Stick Model for Irregular Longitudinal Data

brokenstickFit a 'brokenstick' model to irregular data
brokenstick-classClass 'brokenstick'
brokenstick-pkg'brokenstick': A package for irregular longitudinal data.
control_brokenstickSet controls to steer calculations
control_krSet controls for Kasim-Raudenbush sampler
EBEmpirical Bayes predictor for random effects
fit_200Broken stick model with nine lines for 200 children
fitted.brokenstickCalculate fitted values
get_knotsObtain the knots from a broken stick model
get_r2Obtain proportion of explained variance from a broken stick...
krKasim-Raudenbush sampler for two-level normal model
make_basisCreate linear splines basis
parse_formulaParse formula for brokenstick model
plot.brokenstickPlot observed and fitted trajectories by group
plot_trajectoryPlot observed and fitted trajectories from fitted brokenstick...
predictPredict from a 'brokenstick' model
residuals.brokenstickExtract residuals from brokenstick model
smocc_200Infant growth of 0-2 years, SMOCC data extract
weightlossWeight loss self-measurement data
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