Man pages for bspec
Bayesian Spectral Inference

acfPosterior autocovariances
bspecComputing the spectrum's posterior distribution
bspec-packageBayesian Spectral Inference
empiricalspectrumCompute the "empirical" spectrum of a time series.
expectationExpectations and variances of distributions
likelihoodPrior, likelihood and posterior
matchedfilterFilter a noisy time series for a signal of given shape
onesidedConversion between one- and two-sided spectra
ppsamplePosterior predictive sampling
quantileQuantiles of the posterior spectrum
samplePosterior sampling
snrCompute the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of a signal
temperTempering of (posterior) distributions
temperatureQuerying the tempering parameter
welchPSDPower spectral density estimation using Welch's method.
windowingCompute windowing functions for spectral time series...
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