Man pages for bst
Gradient Boosting

bfuncCompute upper bound of second derivative of loss
bstBoosting for Classification and Regression
bst_controlControl Parameters for Boosting
bst-internalInternal Function
bst.selFunction to select number of predictors
cv.bstCross-Validation for Boosting
cv.madaCross-Validation for one-vs-all AdaBoost with multi-class...
cv.mbstCross-Validation for Multi-class Boosting
cv.mhingebstCross-Validation for Multi-class Hinge Boosting
cv.mhingeovaCross-Validation for one-vs-all HingeBoost with multi-class...
cv.rbstCross-Validation for Nonconvex Loss Boosting
cv.rmbstCross-Validation for Nonconvex Multi-class Loss Boosting
evalerrCompute prediction errors
ex1dataGenerating Three-class Data with 50 Predictors
madaMulti-class AdaBoost
mbstBoosting for Multi-Classification
mhingebstBoosting for Multi-class Classification
mhingeovaMulti-class HingeBoost
nsel.mhingebstFind Number of Variables In Multi-class Boosting Iterations
rbstRobust Boosting for Robust Loss Functions
rbstpathRobust Boosting Path for Nonconvex Loss Functions
rmbstRobust Boosting for Multi-class Robust Loss Functions
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