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Model Butcher

axe-C5.0Axing a C5.0.
axe_callAxe a call.
axe-classbaggAxing a classbagg object.
axe_ctrlAxe controls.
axe-cv.glmnetAxing an cv.glmnet.
axe_dataAxe data.
axe-earthAxing an earth object.
axe-elnetAxing an elnet.
axe_envAxe an environment.
axe_fittedAxe fitted values.
axe-flexsurvregAxing an flexsurvreg.
axe-formulaAxing formulas.
axe-functionAxing functions.
axe-gaussprAxing a gausspr.
axe-glmnetAxing a glmnet.
axe-kknnAxing an kknn.
axe-ksvmAxing a ksvm object.
axe-lmAxing an lm.
axe-mdaAxing a mda.
axe-model_fitAxing an model_fit.
axe-multnetAxing an multnet.
axe-nnetAxing a nnet.
axe-randomForestAxing an randomForest.
axe-rangerAxing an ranger.
axe-recipeAxing a recipe object.
axe-rpartAxing a rpart.
axe-sclassAxing a sclass object.
axe-sparkAxing a spark object.
axe-stanregAxing a stanreg.
axe-survregAxing an survreg.
axe-survreg.penalAxing an survreg.penal
axe-termsAxing for terms inputs.
axe-trainAxing a train object.
axe-train.recipeAxing a train.recipe object.
axe-xgb.BoosterAxing a xgb.Booster.
butcherButcher an object.
butcher_exampleGet path to model object example.
butcher-packageReduce the Size of Modeling Objects
locateLocate part of an object.
new_model_butcherNew axe functions for a modeling object.
uiConsole Messages
weighWeigh the object.
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