bvenn-package: A Simple alternative to proportional Venn diagrams

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A Venn diagram is a useful tool to visualise the overlap between sets of elements. However, often the proportions of the overlaps are not accurately depicted by the areas on the figure. In fact, for some configurations of the 3 sets it is even impossible. This means that the proportions of the sets and overlaps often still have to be deduced from the numbers associated with the figure.


This package implements a simple alternative to the traditional Venn diagram, where we depict each overlap as a separate bubble with area proportional to the overlap size. Relation of the bubbles to input sets becomes clear from their arrangement.

These figures are much easier to read than normal approximately proportional Venn diagrams. First, the sets are always in the same positions on the plot and not moving around like on normal Venn diagrams. This feature makes it easy to compare the figures if several diagrams are drawn side-by-side. Second, the proportions are easier to read, because they all are depicted as similar shapes not as circles and cuts of circles as on ordinary Venn diagrams.

The function for drawing the figures is bvenn.

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