Man pages for calculus
High Dimensional Numerical and Symbolic Calculus

c2eCharacter to Expression
crossNumerical and Symbolic Cross Product
curlNumerical and Symbolic Curl
derivativeNumerical and Symbolic Derivatives
detNumerical and Symbolic Determinant
diagTensor Diagonals
divergenceNumerical and Symbolic Divergence
e2cExpression to Character
einsteinNumerical and Symbolic Einstein Summation
evaluateNumerical Evaluation
gradientNumerical and Symbolic Gradient
grapes-diff-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Difference
grapes-div-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Division
grapes-dot-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Dot Product
grapes-inner-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Inner Product
grapes-kronecker-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Kronecker Product
grapes-matrix-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Matrix Product
grapes-outer-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Outer Product
grapes-prod-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Product
grapes-sum-grapesNumerical and Symbolic Sum
hermiteHermite Polynomials
hessianNumerical and Symbolic Hessian
indexEinstein Notation Indices
integralMonte Carlo Integration
inverseNumeric and Symbolic Matrix Inverse
kroneckerGeneralized Kronecker Delta
laplacianNumerical and Symbolic Laplacian
levicivitaLevi-Civita Symbol
partitionsPartitions of an Integer
taylorTaylor Series
traceTensor Contraction
wrapWrap Character
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