r_session_debug: Interactive debugging of persistent R sessions

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Interactive debugging of persistent R sessions


The r_session$debug() method is an interactive debugger to inspect the stack of the background process after an error.


Note that on callr version 3.8.0 and above, you need to set the callr.traceback option to TRUE (in the main process) to make the subprocess dump the frames on error. This is because saving the frames can be costly for large objects passed as arguments.

$debug() starts a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop), that evaluates R expressions in the subprocess. It is similar to browser() and debugger() and also has some extra commands:

  • .help prints a short help message.

  • .where prints the complete stack trace of the error. (The same as the $traceback() method.

  • .inspect <n> switches the "focus" to frame <n>. Frame 0 is the global environment, so .inspect 0 will switch back to that.

To exit the debugger, press the usual interrupt key, i.e. CTRL+c or ESC in some GUIs.

Here is an example session that uses $debug() (some output is omitted for brevity):

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> rs <- r_session$new()
> rs$run(function() knitr::knit("no-such-file"))
Error in rs_run(self, private, func, args) :
 callr subprocess failed: cannot open the connection

> rs$debug()
Debugging in process 87361, press CTRL+C (ESC) to quit. Commands:
  .where       -- print stack trace
  .inspect <n> -- inspect a frame, 0 resets to .GlobalEnv
  .help        -- print this message
  <cmd>        -- run <cmd> in frame or .GlobalEnv

3: file(con, "r")
2: readLines(input2, encoding = "UTF-8", warn = FALSE)
1: knitr::knit("no-such-file") at #1

RS 87361 > .inspect 1

RS 87361 (frame 1) > ls()
 [1] "encoding"  "envir"     "ext"       "in.file"   "input"     "input.dir"
 [7] "input2"    "ocode"     "oconc"     "oenvir"    "oopts"     "optc"
[13] "optk"      "otangle"   "out.purl"  "output"    "quiet"     "tangle"
[19] "text"

RS 87361 (frame 1) > input
[1] "no-such-file"

RS 87361 (frame 1) > file.exists(input)

RS 87361 (frame 1) > # <CTRL + C>
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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