Man pages for campfin
Wrangle Campaign Finance Data

abbrev_fullAbbreviate full strings
abbrev_stateAbbreviate US state names
add_propAdd proportions
all_files_newCheck if all files in a directory are new
campfin'campfin' package
check_cityCheck whether an input is a valid place with Google Maps API
col_date_mdyParse USA date columns in readr functions
col_statsApply a statistic function to all column vectors
count.characterCount values in a character vector
count_diffCount set difference
count_inCount in
count_naCount missing
count_outCount out
dark2Dark Color Palette
expand_abbrevExpand Abbreviations
expand_stateExpand US state names
explore_plotCreate Basic Barplots
extra_cityAdditional US City Names
fetch_cityReturn Closest Match Result of Cities from Google Maps API
file_encodingFile Encoding
flag_dupesFlag Duplicate Rows With New Column
flag_naFlag Missing Values With New Column
flush_memoryFlush Garbage Memory
grapes-out-grapesInverted match
guess_delimGuess the delimiter of a text file
invalid_cityInvalid City Names
invert_namedInvert a named vector
is_abbrevCheck if abbreviation
is_binaryCheck if Binary
is_evenCheck if even
keypad_convertConvert letters or numbers to their keypad counterpart
most_commonFind most common values
na_inRemove in
na_outRemove out
na_repRemove repeated character elements
non_asciiShow non-ASCII lines of file
normal_addressNormalize street addresses
normal_cityNormalize city names
normal_phoneNormalize phone number
normal_stateNormalize US State Abbreviations
normal_zipNormalize ZIP codes
path.abbrevAbbreviate a file path
pipePipe operator
progress_tableCreate a progress table
prop_distinctProportion missing
prop_inProportion in
prop_naProportion missing
prop_outProportion out
read_namesRead column names
rename_prefixConvert data frame name suffixes to prefixes
rx_breakForm a word break regex pattern
rx_phonePhone number regex
rx_stateState regex
rx_urlURL regex
rx_zipZIP code regex
scale_x_truncateTruncate and wrap x-axis labels
str_distCalculate string distance
str_normalNormalize a character string
this_file_newCheck if a single file is new
url2pathMake a File Path from a URL
url_file_sizeCheck a URL file size
use_diaryCreate a new template data diary
usps_cityUSPS City Abbreviations
usps_stateUSPS State Abbreviations
usps_streetUSPS Street Abbreviations
valid_abbUS State Abbreviations
valid_cityUS City Names
valid_nameUS State Names
valid_stateUS State Abbreviations
valid_zipAlmost all of the valid USA ZIP Codes
what_inWhich in
what_outWhich out
zipcodesUS City, state, and ZIP
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