Man pages for caper
Comparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R

anova.pglmAnova and AIC tables for 'pgls' models.
benchmarkDatasetsDatasets used for benchmarking caper
BritishBirdsConservation status of British birds (Thomas 2008)
brunchComparative analysis using the brunch algorithm.
caic-classThe 'caic' S3 object class and methods
caic.diagnosticsDiagnostic tools for independent contrasts models
caic-methodsAnova and model checking methods for independent contrast...
caper-packageComparative analysis of phylogenetics and evolution in R...
clade.matrixCreate a clade matrix from a phylogeny
clade.membersIdentify tips descended from a node
comparative.dataComparative dataset creation
crunchComparative analysis using the crunch algorithm.
fuscoDataExample dataset for Fusco imbalance calculations
fusco.testImbalance statistics using Fusco and Cronk's method.
growTreeTree simulation with traits.
IsaacEtAlExample dataset for the caper package
macrocaicComparative analysis using independent contrasts on species...
pd.calcCalculate and bootstrap phylogenetic diversity measurements.
perrisodactylaExample dataset for the CAIC package
pglsPhylogenetic generalized linear models
pgls-methodsGeneric model methods for 'pgls' models.
pgls.profileLikelihood profiles and confidence intervals for 'pgls'...
phylo.dCalculates the phylogenetic D statistic
phylo.d.subsetCalculates the phylogenetic D statistic across clades within...
plot.pglmDiagnostic plots for 'pgls' models.
shorebirdExample dataset for the caper package
summary.caicSummarize a crunch, brunch or macrocaic analysis
syrphidaeThe syrphidae dataset of Katzourakis et al. 2001
vcv.arrayCreate a 2D or 3D variance-covariance matrix from a phylogeny
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