Man pages for caroline
A Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R

addFactLevsAdd new levels to the Factors in a DataFrame.
bestByFind the "best" record within subgroups of a dataframe.
dbWriteTable2Data Import Wrapper for dbWriteTable.
geomeanCalculate the Geometric Mean
groupByGroup a datafame by a factor and perform aggreate functions.
heatmatrixSimple Heatmap Plot
hyperplotAnnotate Outliers in a Scatterplot via an HTML Image-Map
labsegsBuffered Segments for Point Labels
legheadGenerate a Color Coded Legend dataframe via head and sum.
mRegexp Match Operator
makeElipseCoordsMake Elipse Coordinates
mvlabsMove Text Labels Interactively
nergeNamed Merge
nvCreate a named vector from a dataframe, table or vector
padPad a vector of numerical string with zeros.
parseArgStringsProcess Command Line Arguments
pctAdd Percentage Columns to a Dataframe
piesPie chart scatterplot
plotClockPlot a simple clock.
raAddArmsAdd Arms to a RA plot.
raAddAxLabsAdd axis labels to an RA plot.
raAddSigLinesAdd Significance Lines to an RA plot.
raPlotGenerate a Ratio Average [RAy] Plot.
read.tabRead in a Tab Delimited File.
regroupRegroup a dataframe.
rerownameRename select rows of a dataframe
spieChartSpie charts
sstableSum Sorted Tabulation
statsDescriptive Statistics
tab2dfTable to Data Frame
textplotA Text-Only Plot
usr2limsGrab and adjust the current plot dimensions
vennMatrixCreate a Venn Ready Matrix out of a List of Factors
violinsPlot a Series of Vioplot Violins
wjitterWeighted Jitter
write.delimWrite a (tab) delimited text file.
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