Man pages for carx
Censored Autoregressive Model with Exogenous Covariates

AIC.carxCompute the AIC of a fitted 'carx' object
carx'carx': A package to fit Censored Auto-Regressive model with...
carx.defaultThe default estimation method for a CARX model
carx.formulaA formula interface to the 'carx' method
carxSelectSelect a 'carx' model by the AIC
carxSimSimulate data from a 'carx' model
carxSimCenTSsimulate a sample 'cenTS' data for 'carx'
cenTSCreate a censored time series object of 'cenTS' class
computeCovARCompute the covariance matrix of some observations of the AR...
conditionalDistMvnormCalculate the conditional mean & variance of a random vector...
fitted.carxFitted values of a 'carx' object
logLik.carxThe quasi-log-likelihood of a 'carx' object
ot2.carxDetecting outliers in a 'carx' model.
ot.carxDetecting outliers in a 'carx' model.
outlierS3 method to detect outlier of a 'carx' object
outlier.carxDetect all outliers of a 'carx' object
plot.carxPlot a fitted 'carx' object
plot.cenTSPlot a 'cenTS' object
predictARXPredict a regression model with AR errors
predict.carxPrediction with a fitted 'carx' object
print.carxPrint a short description of the fitted model
print.cenTSPrint a 'cenTS' object
print.summary.carxPrint a summary of an 'carx' object
ptsThe total phosphorus concentration and river discharge data...
residuals.carxResiduals of a fitted 'carx' object
summary.carxSummarize the fitted 'carx' object
tsdiag.carxShow diagnostic plots for a 'carx' object
xregReturn the 'xreg' part of the 'cenTS' object
xreg.cenTSReturn the 'xreg' part of the 'cenTS' object
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