Man pages for cat
Analysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values

beltData on driver injury and seat belt use
bipfBayesian Iterative Proportional Fitting (BIPF)
crimeU.S. National Crime Survey
dabipfData augmentation-Bayesian IPF algorithm for incomplete...
da.catData Augmentation algorithm for incomplete categorical data
ecm.catECM algorithm for incomplete categorical data
em.catEM algorithm for incomplete categorical data
imp.catImpute missing categorical data
ipfIterative Proportional Fitting
logpost.catLog-posterior density for incomplete categorical data
mda.catMonotone Data Augmentation algorithm for incomplete...
mi.inferenceMultiple imputation inference
olderOlder people dataset
prelim.catPreliminary manipulations on incomplete categorical data
rngseedInitialize random number generator seed
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