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The TCALS (Test de Connaissance en Anglais Langue Seconde) is an aptitude test of English language as a second language in the French speaking college of Outaouais (Gatineau, QC, Canada). The test consists of 85 items and is administered every year to newly incoming students. The item parameters of the year 1998 have been estimated under the 3PL model. Inattention parameters are therefore fixed to one. Subgroups of items are also included for content balancing purposes.


A matrix with 85 rows and five columns, respectively holding the discrimination, difficulty, pseudo-guessing and inattention parameters as calibrated on the results of the 1998 application of the TCALS questionnaire. The fifth column holds the name of the subgroups of items:


The TCALS test was originally developed by Laurier, Froio, Pearo and Fournier (1998) and item parameters were obtained from Raiche (2002).


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