Man pages for catchr
Taking the Pain Out of Catching and Handling Conditions

args_and_kwargsSeparate dots into Python-esque '*args' and '**kwargs'
beep_withPlay short sounds
catchersCatch conditions
catchr-DSLThe language of catchr
catchr_optsPass in catchr-specific options
collecting-conditionsCollect conditions, without halting processes
default_catchr_optionsDefault catchr-specific options
default_planGet/set the input for the default catchr plan
dispense_collectedReturn the value after raising all collected conditions
extract_display_stringMake a string to display from a condition
first_muffle_restartFind the first 'mufflable' restart
give_newlineMake a string end with a newline character
has_handler_argsMake sure a function can be a handler
is_catchr_planCheck if list is a catchr plan
make_plansMaking catchr plans
reserved-conditionsSpecial condition names
user_displaysDisplay conditions in output terminal
user_exitsForce an exit
view-plansView and print 'compiled' catchr plans
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