catenary: Fits a Catenary to Given Points

Gives methods to create a catenary object and then plot it and get properties of it. Can construct from parameters or endpoints. Also can get catenary fitted to data.

AuthorJonathan Tuke [aut, cre], Matthew Roughan [aut]
Date of publication2015-11-18 15:30:21
MaintainerJonathan Tuke <>

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catenary Man page
catenary-class Man page
catenary-package Man page
ctesiphon Man page
f Man page
fitCat Man page
fitCatEndPts Man page
fitMaxCat Man page
fitNaturalCat Man page
fittedCatenary Man page
fittedCatenary-class Man page
getCatLength Man page
getFunctionEnvelopeCat Man page
getFunctionEnvelopePara Man page
getPoints Man page
getPoints,catenary-method Man page
L Man page
L,catenary-method Man page
minmax Man page
minmax,catenary-method Man page
minmaxLength Man page
plot Man page
plot,catenary-method Man page
plot,fittedCatenary-method Man page
Summary Man page
Summary,catenary-method Man page
Summary,fittedCatenary-method Man page
vertex Man page
vertex,catenary-method Man page

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