Man pages for causaloptim
An Interface to Specify Causal Graphs and Compute Bounds on Causal Effects

analyze_graphAnalyze the causal graph to determine constraints and...
btm_varRecursive function to get the last name in a list
causaloptim-packageAn Interface to Specify Causal Graphs and Compute Bounds on...
constant_termCompute the scalar product of two numeric vectors of the same... lists of constraints to lists of vectors
create_effect_vectorTranslate target effect to vector of response variables
create_q_matrixTranslate response functions into matrix of counterfactuals
create_response_functionTranslate regular DAG to response functions
create_R_matrixCreate constraint matrix
evaluate_objectiveCompute the scalar product of a vector of numbers and a...
expand_condExpand potential outcome conditions
find_cyclesFind cycles in a graph
interpret_boundsConvert bounds string to a function
latex_boundsLatex bounds equations
linear_expressionCompute the scalar product of a vector of numbers and a...
linear_termCompute the product of a single numeric scalar and a single...
list_to_pathRecursive function to translate an effect list to a path...
numberOfValuesGet the number of values of a given variable in the graph
opt_effectCompute a bound on the average causal effect
optimize_effectRun the Balke optimizer
optimize_effect_2Run the optimizer
parse_constraintsParse text that defines a the constraints
parse_effectParse text that defines a causal effect
pastestarPaste with asterisk sep
plot_graphresPlot the analyzed graph object
plot.linearcausalproblemPlot the graph from the causal problem
print.linearcausalproblemPrint the causal problem
print_nvalsPrint the number of values of each variable/vertex of the...
reduce.setsAlgebraically reduce sets
shortentxtShorten strings to 80 characters wide
simulate_boundsSimulate bounds
specify_graphShiny interface to specify network structure and compute...
symb.subtractSymbolic subtraction
update_effectUpdate the effect in a linearcausalproblem object
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