Man pages for cba
Clustering for Business Analytics

ccfkmsClustering with Conjugate Convex Functions
circleplot.distPlotting Distance Graphs
clmplotPlotting Logical Matrices
cluster.distClustering a Sparse Symmetric Distance Matrix
codingDummy Coding
cut.orderedConverting Ordered Factors
fitted.proximusExtract from a Proximus Object
gknnGeneralized k-Nearest Neighbor Classification
imageMatrix Image Plots
lminterInterpolating Logical Matrices
lmplotPlotting Logical Matrices
MushroomMushroom Data Set
orderImproving the Presentation of Matrix Objects
order.greedyHierarchical Greedy Ordering
order.lengthConciseness of Presentation Measures
order.optimalOptimal Leaf Ordering of Binary Trees.
plot.sdists.graphPlotting Edit Transcripts and Sequence Alignments
predict.ccfkmsClustering with Conjugate Convex Functions.
predict.rockRock Clustering
rlbmatBlock Uniform Logical Matrix Deviates
rockClusterRock Clustering
sdistsSequence Distance Computation
sdists.centerCentroid Sequences Sequences to a Center
sdists.traceEdit Transcripts and Sequence Alignments
stressConciseness of Presentation Measures
summary.proximusSummarizing Proximus Objects
townshipsBertin's Characteristics and Townships Data Set
VotesCongressional Votes 1984 Data Set
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