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The table below gives information on all the current columns of data retrieved by the different get_... functions of cde; names, what they mean and which functions return them. The EA do modify the format of their data from time to time, so this will be updated as necessary.

Column name | Description | Output from which functions --- | --- | --- river_basin_district | Name of the River Basin District. This is the top level in the catchment hierarchy. | All get_... functions management_catchment | Name of the Management Catchment, the next level down the hierarchy, see link above. | All get_... functions operational_catchment | name of the Operational Catchment, the next level down from Management Catchments. | All get_... functions waterbody_id | Waterbodies are the smallest unit in the catchment hierarchy, representing all or part of a river system, lake, estuary etc. Each has a unique ID (WBID). | All get_... functions status | WFD status classification (High, Good, Moderate, Poor or Bad). For objectives this represents the target (aimed for) status class. | All get_... functions except get_pa classification_item | Broad category of classification level (ecological, chemical or quantitative). | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status classification_level | The level within the range of classification elements that the status class refers to (see details here). | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status cycle | Which cycle of assessment the data come from. The first cycle. The first cycle ran from 2009 to 2015 and cycle 2 to 2015-2021. There were changes in some environmental standards between cycles and for a two year period (2013-2014) where both assessment methods were employed, cde only returns cycle 2 assessments. | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status water_body | Name of the waterbody. | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status water_body_type | Type of waterbody. Values are: River, Lake, CoastalWater, TransitionalWater, GroundWaterBody | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status year | Year to which the data refer to. | get_objectives, get_rnag & get_status easting | British National Grid Reference easting, i.e. x coordinate of location. | get_objectives & get_status hydromorphological_designation | Hydromorphological designation of the waterbody (e.g. whether the body is artificial or heavily modified). | get_objectives & get_status ngr | Ordnance Survey Landranger grid reference of the location. | get_objectives & get_status northing | British National Grid Reference northing, i.e. y coordinate of location. | get_objectives & get_status activity | Classification of the activity linked to the RNAG identified, for example "Forestry", "Septic Tanks". | get_rnag activity_certainty | Categorical assessment of the certainty with which the RNAG identified is linked to the activity specifed. | get_rnag business_sector | Categorisation of the business sector linked to the activity causing the RNAG, for example "Transport", "Retail sector", "Forestry". | get_rnag category | Broad categorisation of the RNAG, for example "Industry", "Agriculture and rural land management" or "Water Industry". | get_rnag category_certainty | Categorical assessment of the certainty with which the RNAG identified is linked to the category specifed. | get_rnag certainty | Categorical assessment of the certainty of the status class assignment. | get_status classification_element | Specific quality element or metric linked to the RNAG. | get_rnag confidence | Confidence in the status class assignment (0-1 scale). | get_status estimated_start_date | Estimated date at which measure specified will begin. | get_measures funding_stream | Source of funding for measure specified. | get_measures id | Unique numerical code of RNAG (may be linked to measures specified). | get_rnag investigation_outcome | Outcome of the investigation into the RNAG. | get_rnag lead_organisation | Organisation leading the work on the measure specified. | get_measures linked_rnags | Numerical code(s) of RNAGS linked to measures specified (see 'id' above). | get_measures measure_category_1 | Top level classification of measure specified. | get_measures measure_category_2 | Next level down (more detailed) classification of measure specified. | get_measures measure_category_3 | Most detailed classification of measure specified. | get_measures measure_reference_code | Numerical code of measure type. | get_measures measure_type | Classification of type of measure employed. | get_measures national_swmi_header | SWMI (Significant Water Management Issue) classification at the national level, for example "Pollution from waste water" or "Physical modifications". | get_rnag objectivetype | Type of objective set, either "Predicted" or "Objective" | get_objectives pressure_tier_1 | Detailed classification of the pressure related to the RNAG identified, for example "Irrigation", "Priority Substances (pesticides)". | get_rnag pressure_tier_2 | Specific substance or pressure associated with RNAG identiifed, for example "Phosphate", "High temperature". | get_rnag pressure_tier_3 | High level classification of the pressure related to the RNAG identifed, for example "Physical modification", "Dissolved oxygen (DO)". | get_rnag protected_area_code | Unique code of each protected area. | get_pa protected_area_label | Name or code of protected area. | get_pa protected_area_type | Designation of protected area, for example "Nitrates Directive" , "Bathing Water Directive". | get_pa reason_type | Type of RNAG, either "RFF" - reason for failure or "RFD" - reason for deterioration. | get_rnag reasons_for_alternative_objectives | Detailed text as to why alternative objectives i.e. a status less than good, have been set. | get_objectives rnag_url | URL to page on CDE site giving specifics of RNAG. | get_rnag sector_of_lead_organisation | Sectoral classification of organisation leading measures work. | get_measures see_also | Additional details about the protected area specified. | get_pa swmi | SWMI (Significant Water Management Issue) classification of the RNAG, for example "Diffuse source", "Invasive non-native species". | get_rnag swmi_certainty | Categorical assessment of the certainy with which the RNAG is linked to the SWMI classification specified. | get_rnag title | Title of the measures project specified. | get_measures

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