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Constrained Dual Scaling for Detecting Response Styles

addboundsAugment with Boundaries Between Rating Scale Categories and...
approxloadsLow Rank Approximation LL' of a Square Symmetrix Matrix R
calc.wt.bubblesCalculate the Weights for Bubble Plots
cdsConstrained Dual Scaling for Successive Categories with...
cds-packageConstrained Dual Scaling for Successive Categories
cds.simGrouped Simulation with Response Styles
cdstoclueS3 Methods for Integration into 'clue' Framework
clean.scalesImpute Optimal Scores for Rating Categories
createcdsdataCreate a cdsdata Object
create.indCreate Indicator Matrix
create.rsCreate a response style
datsimSimulate Data for a Single Response Style
gen.copGenerate a Copula
genPCAGenerate PCA data and Calculates Correlation Matrices
group.ALSAlternating Least Squares with Groups for Constrained Dual...
G.startConstrained Dual Scaling for a Single Random G Start
indmatCreate an Indicator Matrix
isplineQuadratic monotone spline basis function for given knots.
LfunCalculate Constrained Dual Scaling Loss
Lfun.G.updCalculate Loss for G Update
orthprocrOrthogonal Procrustes Analysis
plot.cdsPlot cds Objects
plot.cdslistPlot a 'cdslist' Object
print.cdsPrint cds Object
print.cdsdataPrint dsdata Objects
rcormatRandomly Generate Low-Rank Correlation Matrix
rcovmatConstruct a Structured Covariance Matrix for Simulations
sensorysensory Data
sensory.auxAuxiliary Information for 'sensory' Data
simpcaSimulate Data with a Specific Principal Components Structure...
trQnormTruncated Normal Quantiles
trRnormTruncated Normal Sampling
updateGUpdate the Grouping Matrix
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