Man pages for cellWise
Analyzing Data with Cellwise Outliers

cellHandlercellHandler algorithm
cellMapDraw a cellmap
cellMCDcellWise minimum covariance determinant estimator
checkDataSetClean the dataset
data_dogWalkerDog walker dataset
data_dpossDPOSS dataset
data_glassThe glass dataset
data_mortalityThe mortality dataset
data_philipsThe philips dataset
data_VOCVOC dataset
DDCDetect Deviating Cells
DIDetection-Imputation algorithm
estLocScaleEstimate robust location and scale
generateCorMatGenerates correlation matrices
generateDataGenerates artificial datasets with outliers
ICPCAIterative Classical PCA
outlierMapPlot the outlier map.
plot_cellMCDDraw plots based on the cellwise minimum covariance...
transfoRobustly fit the Box-Cox or Yeo-Johnson transformation
truncPCClassical Principal Components by truncated SVD.
wrapWrap the data.
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