Man pages for cellranger
Translate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns

A1_to_R1C1Convert cell reference strings from A1 to R1C1 format
addr_colGet column from cell location or reference
addr_rowGet row from cell location or reference
anchoredSpecify cell limits via an anchor cell
as.cell_addrConvert to a cell_addr object
as.rangeConvert a cell_limits object to a cell range
as.ra_refConvert to a ra_ref object
cell_addrcell_addr class
cell_colsSpecify cell limits only for columns
cell_limitsCreate a cell_limits object
cell_rowsSpecify cell limits only for rows
guess_foGuess cell reference string format
is_A1Test cell reference strings
letter-num-conversionConvert between letter and integer representations of column...
print.ra_refPrint ra_ref object
R1C1_to_A1Convert R1C1 positioning notation to A1 notation
ra_refra_ref class
to_stringGet string representation of cell references
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