Man pages for centiserve
Find Graph Centrality Indices

averagedisFind the average distance of a node
barycenterFind the barycenter centrality score
bottleneckFind the BottleNeck centrality score
centiserve-packageFunctions to find graph centrality indices
centroidFind the centroid value of graph vertices
closeness.currentflowFind current-flow closeness centrality
closeness.freemanFind the closeness centrality in a strongly connected graph
closeness.latoraFind the variant (Latora) closeness centrality in a...
closeness.residualFind the residual closeness centrality
closeness.vitalityFind the closeness vitality centrality in a strongly...
clusterrankFind the ClusterRank ranks in a graph
communibetFind the communicability betweenness centrality
communitycentFind the community-based node centrality
crosscliqueFind the cross-clique connectivity (centrality)
decayFind the decay centrality of a given vertex
diffusion.degreeFind the variant (Latora) closeness centrality in a...
dmncFind the density of maximum neighborhood component (DMNC) in...
entropyFind the entropy centrality in a graph
epcFind the edge percolated component (EPC) in a graph
geokpathFind the geodesic k-path centrality
hubbellFind the Hubbell centrality or the Hubbell Index
katzcentFind the Katz centrality (Katz Status Index)
laplacianFind the laplacian centrality
leaderrankFind the LeaderRank in a directed graph
leverageFind the leverage centrality
lincentFind the lin centrality in a graph
lobbyFind the lobby index (centrality)
markovcentFind the markov centrality score
mncFind the maximum neighborhood component (MNC)
pairwisedisFind the pairwise disconnectivity index
radialityFind the radiality centrality in a graph
salsaFind the SALSA as 'hub' or 'authority' score
semilocalFind the semi local centrality (or local centrality)
topocoefficientFind the topological coefficient of a node in a undirected...
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