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Download imagery tiles to a standard cache and load the data into raster objects. Facilities for 'AWS' terrain https://registry.opendata.aws/terrain-tiles/ terrain and 'Mapbox' https://www.mapbox.com/ servers are provided.

The ceramic package provides tools to download raster tiles from online servers.


Any process that can trigger downloads will first check the ceramic_cache() in case the tile already exists.

It can also load raster data from online servers to obtain imagery, but we let GDAL manage that.

If you want to deal with the tiles downloaded directly, see ceramic_tiles().

The main functions are for downloading tiles and each accepts a spatial object for the first argument, alternatively a raster extent, or location:

get_tiles Download tiles for a given service for an extent and resolution
get_tiles_buffer Download tiles based on location and buffer (width, height) in metres
get_tiles_dim Download tiles based on extent and output dimension in pixels
get_tiles_zoom Download tiles base on extent and zoom level

Two helper functions will load imagery into a raster object:

cc_location Download tiles and build a raster object of imagery
cc_elevation Download tiles and build a raster object of elevation data

Administration functions for handling the file cache and required API key for on online service:

get_api_key Return the stored key for online API, or NULL
ceramic_cache Report the location of the tile cache
clear_ceramic_cache Delete all files in the tile cache (use with caution!)

Other functions that are either rarely used or considered subject to change:

ceramic_tiles Find particular tiles from the cache
mercator_tile_extent Abstract raster-extent form of the spherical Mercator tile system, expressed in tile-index and zoom
plot_tiles Plot the tiles from ceramic_tiles
tiles_to_polygon Convert ceramic_tiles to simple features format
cc_heard Specific location hardcoded form of cc_location
cc_kingston Specific location hardcoded form of cc_location
cc_macquarie Specific location hardcoded form of cc_location


Maintainer: Michael Sumner mdsumner@gmail.com (ORCID)

Other contributors:

  • Miles McBain (ORCID) [contributor]

  • Ben Raymond (regex wizardry) [contributor]

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